Press Release – CAMCD responds to threats against Councillor Kerry Jang

CAMCD responds to threats against Councillor Kerry Jang

CAMCD stands with the City of Vancouver in condemning threats of violence

May 2 2016 Vancouver – The Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries (CAMCD) stands in support of City Councillor Kerry Jang, his family, and the City of Vancouver in the face of the alleged threats against Councillor Jang.

“Threats directed towards our elected officials are completely unacceptable. We live in a democracy and our elected officials deserve the same right to safety and security as enjoyed by every Canadian,” said CAMCD’s President Dieter MacPherson.

CAMCD stands for principled non-compliance when confronted with laws that limit patient access to medical cannabis. While the City of Vancouver’s dispensary bylaws are contentious, the proposed framework is still a big step toward ensuring that patients have local access to safe, consistent, affordable medical cannabis.

MacPherson added that, “Today’s alleged threats are entirely out of step with the values and objectives of principled non-compliance. Any disagreements regarding the city bylaws must be handled through the proper channels and threats of violence are never the answer.”

CAMCD has gained its place in the medical cannabis industry by being proactive in creating standards for dispensaries and a certification program.

“Members of CAMCD must adhere to the highest possible standards of conduct and be responsible community members. This not only supports good will within the community, but also helps to challenge the stigma that plagues patients and this industry”, stated MacPherson.

CAMCD condemns in no uncertain terms threats of violence in any form be they proponents or opponents of dispensaries.

The Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries was founded in 2010 to promote patient-focused, community-based distribution models. The organization launched a certification program in 2013, and a Trade Membership Program in 2015.

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