Applicant Dispensary

Mission Statement:

To help competent adults to make choices concerning their medical care, according to their own values regardless of how unwise or foolish these choices may appear to be to others and to build a society to provide this choice to the members to provide this service and access from all forms of discrimination and barriers.

Vision Statement:

To legally permit to distribute medical cannabis of highest quality symptom strains specific to meet the member / patient’s needs to treat specific or general ailments.

Values Statement:

Compassion: To make ready available cannabis to help people with the relief of critical and chronic pain, unrespective of legal or social stigma.

Harm Prevention:  by offering a safe and secure place to access the medicine of their choice without having to associate with illicit distribution.

Empowerment:  that the member / patient has the primary authority when it comes to making personal health care decisions and encourage the patient to take control of their own healing

Dignity: of the people who operate the society / dispensary, the patients they serve and the cultivators that supply them have the right to respect ethical needs

Affordability: Everyone must have affordable access to this medicine

Integrity:  To remain transparent and accountable for service and provide management of this service