Certified Dispensary

Eden Medicinal Society (EMS) was established in 2011. We provide information regarding the medicinal use of cannabis and offer a safe and dependable source of medicine for patients who have the support of Health Canada and their physician. EMS performs studies on cannabis and is benefits as a medicine.

Cannabis has been used effectively for thousands of years in the treatment of various medical conditions. Cannabis has been shown to be safer and more effective than many pharmaceutical pain relief treatments while presenting less physical dependence issues.

Research has shown that cannabis can alleviate the symptoms of numerous chronic illnesses including but not limited to multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury/disease , cancer, HIV/AIDS, sever arthritis and epilepsy. Follow our Treatment Page to see a list of benefits cannabis offers.

Canadians have shown that they overwhelmingly support the right of patients to access cannabis for medicinal purposes. A general population survey conducted in 2000 by the Centre of Addiction and Mental Health, published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, revealed that approximately 2% of the Canadian population reports using cannabis for medical purposes . In July 2006, a Maclean’s magazine poll found 93 percent of Canadians support “the legal use of marijuana for medicinal purposes”.

Health Canada’s Marihuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR) came into force in 2001 as a result of R.v Parker . While the federal government licenses patients and production facilities, it is associations such as the EMS that facilitate the day-to-day needs of patients in the form of support and training on safe and effective use. By signing either of these forms (B1,B2,EMS Patient Services) and faxing it to the EMS (Fax: 604-568-9433), the physician is providing the patient with authorization to access cannabis from the Eden Medicinal Society.