About the CAMCD Certification Program

The CAMCD Dispensary Certification Program was developed with the SEED Project, and a grant from the Peter Wall Solutions Initiative.

CAMCD Certification ensures that member dispensaries adhere to best practices by meeting CAMCD’s Certification Standards.

CAMCD Certification ensures consistency, accountability, transparency, and superior quality of patient care across the country.

CAMCD Certification gives patients, physicians and stakeholders peace of mind. 

CAMCD Certified Dispensaries sets themselves apart as leaders in the medical cannabis industry. 

CAMCD Certification Program Participants are listed here by a verifiable link.

CAMCD invites all dispensaries that are currently members of the Trade Association to become a CAMCD-certified dispensary.

Enroll in the Certification Program

Certification process:

The CAMCD Certification Program consists of three progressive phases as participants work towards satisfying all CAMCD’s Certification Standards:

1) A baseline survey and self-assessment

2)  An on-site survey to achieve a one-year Primary Certification.*

3) An on-site survey to achieve a three-year Full Certification.

*Note: it is possible to achieve Full Certification at the first on-site survey if all conditions are met.

Program participants will receive support and feedback throughout the process.

Certification application and fees:

Applications to the Dispensary Certification Program must be submitted with the registration fee of $1500, payable by cheque, certified money order, or email money transfer.

The registration fee covers the baseline and self-assessment phases of the program. The on-site surveys will require additional payments to be made at later stages of the program.

Please direct questions or comments to CAMCD via email:  info@camcd.ca