No Medical Marijuana for N.S. Welfare Recipients

Nova Scotians on social assistance will no longer be able to get medical marijuana, gym memberships or hot tubs as a special need. The Department of Community Services is tightening the rules for its special needs funding. Until now, some people on income assistance were able to force the department to pay for pot or […]

HIV Sufferer Has Medical Marijuana Confiscated

A St.  John’s man had $1,500 of medical marijuana confiscated when he went to pick up a package at Purolator and was met by the RCMP instead. Richard Oakley, who tested positive for HIV 25 years ago, moved back to the province from British Columbia three months ago to be near family. He told The […]

Medical Marijuana Issue Lights Up

Marko Ivancicevic says he takes medicinal marijuana to cope with the pain. He suffers from scoliosis and a condition called Fibula Hemilelia, where there is essentially an absence of the fibula, he explains, adding he has had 10 surgeries to deal with this. As a member of the Oshawa Accessibility Advisory Committee ( OAAC ) […]

Getting Medical Marijuana To The People Who Need It

The federal government is promising to create a new and improved system of medical marijuana, but does it have the will to make that system work for patients? The current system is broken.  Patients from around the country – a Saskatchewanian with migraine, a Quebecker with degenerative disc disease, a Nova Scotian with glaucoma – […]

Pot Activist Smokes Out Doctors

Canadian Medical Association says most physicians not informed enough to prescribe medical marijuana Toronto activist Matt Mernagh is calling the medical marijuana program a “disaster.” “In my trial, the judge concluded that less than one per cent of doctors are signing the application,” said Mernagh, who had been involved in a three-year legal battle against […]

Locals Weighing In On Global ‘Pot’ Debate

The debate on whether marijuana should be legalized, or at least decriminalized, has been simmering for years. Decriminalization involves merely removing an offence from the Criminal Code, while allowing the activity to be prohibited by other means such as making it a Provincial Offence or permitting municipalities to prohibit by bylaw.  Legalization of an activity […]

Little Shop Of Pot

If Kamloops Mounties consider Carl Anderson a problem, it might well be he is a problem of their own making. Who is Carl Anderson, you’re asking? Depends on who you talk to.  For some, he is no doubt a saviour, a supplier of high-grade medical marijuana it appears many in our community need to help […]

Medical Marijuana Ban Hearing Draws Big Crowd

A proposed ban on dispensing medical marijuana without explicit federal approval drew medical marijuana users, legalization activists and residents from across the North Shore into the District of North Vancouver’s council chambers Tuesday night for a standing-room-only public hearing. The draft bylaw comes in response to an abortive attempt by the Re-Leaf Dispensary Society to […]

Ottawa Cracks Down On Medical Pot

The federal government is expected to announce new rules for growing medical marijuana that would only allow licensed growers to cultivate and distribute it. The move would eliminate individual and private growers from the current system, whereby eligible people apply to Health Canada, which then issues the licence. People in the dispensing community who have […]

Pot’s Critics Run Out Of Excuses

Last week in Hartford, the Connecticut House of Representatives passed Bill 1014, An act concerning the penalty for certain non-violent drug offenses. Assuming Governor Dan Malloy signs off, Connecticut will become the 14th American state to decriminalize marijuana. For a first offence, at least, getting caught with a half-ounce of pot will be no more […]