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CFAX Interview with Dieter MacPherson (Director CAMCD)

CAMCD Director Dieter MacPherson is interviewed by Pamela McCall at CFAX on the anticipated Cannabis Legalization Report by the Federal Task Force On Legalization which unfortunately will not be publicly available. Dieter talks about what the new legalization framework might entail and the impact to the economy, enforcement, politics and the failed war on drugs.  How […]

Georgia Straight: CAMCD Dispensaries Seek Inclusive Regulation For Existing Industry

Three CAMCD trade member dispensaries are interviewed in a recent Georgia Straight article by Travis Lupick asking for recognition of a thriving cannabis economy in British Columbia that is simply asking for inclusive regulations in anticipation of the Federal Task Force’s proposed legalization framework in the Spring of 2017. Jeremy Jacob of The Village Dispensary, […]

Zach Walsh Interviewed In TIME Magazine: Cannabis Benefits Mental Health

Zach Walsh, PhD was recently interviewed for a piece in TIME on “Marijuana Appears To Benefit Mental Health: Study” by Alexandra Sifferlin. Based out of the University of British Columbia, Zach Walsh, PhD is one of the world’s leading researchers in the field of cannabis and mental health.  He is also a valued advisor to CAMCD. […]

CAMCD Submits Legalization Taskforce Position Paper

Vancouver BC – CAMCD submitted its official response to the Canadian Federal Task Force on Cannabis Legalization.  The following documents represent the submission. CAMCD was invited to participate in private, round table discussions with the Federal Task Force in Vancouver, BC.  Details of the meeting are available to CAMCD members and will be discussed at the […]