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CAMCD’s stringent Trade Association Membership requirements include 18 Required Ogranizational Practices that all members must follow, providing consistency, accountability, transparency, and superior quality of patient care across the country. View our current list of Trade Association Members Here.


CAMCD represents a network that includes some of Canada’s most knowledgeable and experienced medical cannabis professionals. By promoting greater communication among the industry, CAMCD facilitates the better integration of dispensaries’ efforts towards community initiatives, research, and outreach, as well as assisting in the navigation of the regulatory frameworks around medical cannabis.


CAMCD is committed to actively lobbying for change in any legislation that fails to recognize the rights and needs of all medical cannabis patients, and fails to provide for safe, affordable, and consistent access. By communicating with municipal, provincial, and federal policy makers and elected officials, CAMCD promotes the patient’s right to grow their own medicine, and community-based access for those unable or unwilling to do so.

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CAMCD Trade Membership

Membership with CAMCD comes with many advantages, whether you are a startup dispensary or a long standing dispensary, whether you serve tens or thousands of patients.  CAMCD gives dispensaries and has made an impact on the national stage.

Through CAMCD, dispensaries will have access to a network representing extensive experience in dispensary operations in Canada. This network allows dispensaries to discuss topics of importance, share information and resources, and to coordinate public relations and advocacy efforts.